Pip is a composer of unique attributes, with a long history of musical engagement and creative orientated work.  At age six, he began performance on the violin and piano, competing in and winning music performance festivals and likewise events across England.  He was also enrolled as a Chorister at age seven, and, before the end of his career as a Bishop’s Chorister and Lay Clerk six years later, had performed for the Lord Lieutenant of Bury St. Edmunds, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  He also was featured as soloist in the opera ‘Mendelsohn’s Elijah’ with the University of Essex Choir at the Snape Maltings venue in 2007, age twelve. 

Pip went on to study music and composition under scholarship at Culford Preparatory and Senior School for nine years, where he became identified as a creative mind with extreme potential, and obtained his First Class Honours degree in music production from Leeds college of Music.  He is currently director of his own music production business ‘A O V O’ and fulfils the musical requirements of any project requiring independent musical embellishment, such as film, TV, game and even audio books.

One of the things that sets Pip aside from most other independent composers is his unique compositional technique, allowing him to create large amounts of seemingly ‘real’ and industry grade orchestral music, using a combination of deep-sampled virtual instruments and a grounded but contemporary understanding of the mechanics of orchestra, taking as little as a few hours to do so successfully.  He found that his real abilities lie in the creation of emotionally evocative and feeling-provoking music, finding himself able to instruct how an audience should feel at any given moment using his music alone.  Although his presence in the music for film industry relatively new, Pip hopes that his ability to offer highest quality instrumental accompaniment in a time saving cost effective manner will encourage all and any intependant creators or production companies to consider him.